Homosexual Man Ancient Graveyard Found

A homosexual man who ate five thousand years old have been found, it looks different from the way the burial of another body.

According to archaeologists, from the way the funeral was shown that he has a different sexual orientation.

An early human skeleton from the late New Stone Age around 2900 and 2500 BC were discovered during excavations in the Czech Republic.

At that time, usually a man buried with the body lying face the right side and head towards the west, while the woman facing the left side with the head pointing east.

In this case, the body of an ancient man who allegedly guy was buried facing the left side with the head facing west.

Another clue, men tend to be buried with weapons, hammers and stone knives, and some eating utensils and drink to accompany them in the afterlife.

While the woman's body will be buried with a necklace of teeth, copper earrings, as well as egg-shaped teapots and pots placed at his feet.

While homosexual ancient human remains were buried with household pot, and no weapons.

Archaeological would not think of it as a mistake because given the importance of accessories in the cemetery at that time. The period was known as the Corded Ware era, the era pottery maker.

"According to history and ethnology, people in this period to conduct a funeral so serious that it is probable that the body position is wrong," said lead researcher Kamila Remisova Vesinova quoted the Daily Mail.

It is probable that a man who has a different sexual orientation, homosexual or transsexual. What we see now are not in accordance with the norms of cultural traditions Corded Ware.

Oval, egg-shaped container, usually associated with female burials were also found at the foot of the man's skeleton.

Other members of the archaeological team, Katerina Semradova, said the team had found the previous case from the Mesolithic period, in which a female soldier is buried as a man.

He added, Siberian shamans, or "doctor" time was also buried in the same way but with more funeral accessories suitable position in society.

"These latest findings are not they. We believe this is one of the original case is depicted as a transvestite or a grave 'third-gender' in the Czech Republic."