Air Pollution Causes Brain Damage

Air pollution from vehicle exhaust emissions, which is a combination of toxic materials, can lead to respiratory disease, heart attacks, cancer and premature death. Recent studies have even added one more danger, namely brain damage.

"We did not see in air pollution particles, but the fine particles can be inhaled and affect the nerves in the brain and in the long term brain damage," said Caleb Finch, a senior researcher who published his research in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

He added that the air particles are so small that is one thousandth the width of human hair and too small to be absorbed by the filter system of the car.

In his research Finch and his team use a unique technology to reinvent the causes of air pollution from burning of fossil material in the laboratory and then let the mice exposed to these particles for 150 hours, divided into three sessions a week and lasted for 10 weeks.

Exposure resulted in damage to the nerves of the brain associated with the function of remembering and learning ability. They also detect signs of inflammation associated with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Further research will be conducted to ascertain whether similar effects could occur in humans.

Chief researcher, Todd Morgan, said the best way to avoid exposure to pollution is to limit it, especially in children. "Air pollution can trigger asthma, and decreased intelligence in children," he said.