Obama Reject Letter Gaddafi

The White House rejected the request Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi is conveyed through a letter to the President of the United States, Barack Obama on Wednesday (04/06/2011). White House spokesman in Washington DC said, not the first time Qaddafi sent a letter. However, no mention of what the contents of the letter Qaddafi.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that Qaddafi appreciates the letter. However, he asserted, Qaddafi troops should lay down their arms and Qaddafi must remove power. China is one country that supports the government Qaddafi and Libya condemned the attack on the West.

In the latest development in Libya, Qaddafi seemed glad stronghold, while the opposition mourning after the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) made a second mistake by bombing the wrong target. NATO on Thursday not to attack troops Qaddafi, but the opposition. The attack is one that killed five people and injured 16 people from the opposition. Operational pickup truck and crushed opposition. The incident adds a battered opposition grief and topsy-turvy result of loyalist attacks Qaddafi.

On 1 April, NATO is also wrong targets in the oil city of Brega, by targeting the opposition's defense and killed 13 people. Misdirected bomb last place in Ajdabiya, not far from Brega.

Slams NATO
Opposition is upset because slow attacking NATO troops Qaddafi. Opposition again disappointed and angry. Their weapons are old and ancient diminishing due to the NATO attacks.

"Down, down NATO," shouted a fighter opposition as tens of vehicles raced out of the Ajdabiya heading east toward Benghazi.

Thousands of panicked residents also left the Ajdabiya. Outstanding issues that Qaddafi loyalists attacked the city would blow following the opposition by the NATO attacks.

Ayman Abdul-Karim, one of the opposition commander, said NATO air strike hit a convoy of tanks and bus passengers oppositionists who are moving into Brega.

Doctors Hospital Ajdabiya, Othman al-Faidory, said, five people were killed and 16 people wounded. An other opposition leaders said, there are still many victims are left at the scene because another opponent to escape. Ajdabiya health facilities in hospitals is very limited. Some victims had to be treated in the hospital hallways.

Discontent and even hatred against NATO widespread among the opposition. Tuesday night, the opposition commander, Abdel Fatah Younis, assess NATO failed to protect civilians. Apart from slow to act, NATO bureaucratic in decision-making attacks on loyalists.

Some NATO officials explained, Qaddafi has been mixed troops in civilian areas. This was done to obscure and frustrate NATO attacks. If the loyalists had been united with the citizens, the alliance is difficult to attack him.

Abdul-Karim said the vehicle is actually opposition has been marked with yellow as requested by NATO. However, there is still opposition forces are using tanks and other vehicles seized from Libyan troops. From the air, the convoy they will look like loyalists.