Honeymoon Couple Survives Six Natural Disasters

I do not know what it's called, misery, absurdity, or a mere coincidence that experienced this new couple. Imagine, within four months of honeymoon period, they were six times suffered terrible natural disasters, from floods in Australia, an earthquake in Christchurch in New Zealand, until the tsunami in Japan.

Swedish couples were newly married, Stefan and Erika Svanstrom, left Stockholm on December 6 last year and immediately trapped in Munich, Germany, in one of the worst snow storms in Europe. From Germany, a couple who travel with their baby girl was flown to Cairns in Australia which then hit one of the most violent storms in the history of the nation. There, couples in their 20s that year was forced to take shelter for 24 hours in the basement of a shopping center with 2,500 people. "The trees and branches across large scattered on the streets," said Svanstrom told Swedish daily, Expressen. "We almost hit by disaster."

They then heading south to Brisbane, but the town suffered extensive flooding. Therefore, they crossed the country to Perth, where they escaped from the raging forest fires.

The couple then flew to Christchurch, New Zealand, and they arrived shortly after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake destroyed the city on 22 February. Mrs Svanstrom said, "When we arrived, the whole city like a war zone. We were not able to visit the city because it is truly blocked. Instead, we toured before going to Japan."

However, several days after Svanstrom family arrived in Japan, Tokyo's largest earthquake in Japan's history. "Guncangannya was terrible and we see beterbang tiles from the roof of the building," said Svantrom as quoted by The Telegraph. "I think the buildings swaying back and forth."

The family returned to Stockholm on March 29, after a more tranquil visit in China and represents their final destination.

Svanstrom, who also survived the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004, said that despite having all of that, their marriage remains strong. "I know marriage should pass a number of obstacles. However, I think, we have been through most of the hurdles that. We've experienced a number of disasters, but the most important thing is that we stay together and happy."

Mrs Svanstrom added, "If you say we're not lucky with the weather, it was not enough. It is absurd it was realized that now we can only laugh!"