Gaddafi Sends A Letter to Obama to Reduce NATO Action

The White House did not dismiss the existence of the letter sent by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to the President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama. What about the U.S. reaction to the request of the Gaddafi on Obama?

Indeed, the White House by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not mention the contents of the letter Gaddafi along 3 page. However, a leaked Gaddafi said Obama's request to stop the attacks that led NATO to Libya.

Regardless of Gaddafi's call, Hillary insisted that the colonel behind a ceasefire, withdraw its troops, and soon fled into exile.

"In connection with your letter (Gaddafi) meant, I think that Mr. Gaddafi know what to do," Clinton said in a joint press conference Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini was quoted as saying Reuters on Thursday (07/04/2011).

"It should be a ceasefire, troops must be withdrawn from the cities where they have done violence. Need a decision about his departure from power ... he's gone from Libya," said Hillary.

"The sooner that happens, the bloodshed will end soon, and the condition will get better for everybody," he said.

Clinton also defended the actions of NATO forces conducting air strikes to enforce the no-fly zones and to protect civilians from attacks by troops Gaddafi.

Previously, Gaddafi sent a letter to Obama. He asked Obama to stop what is judged as unjust war between his forces against NATO. Obama is considered a person who has the courage to do that.

In the letter, Gaddafi also called Obama as 'our children' and pray for re-election in the upcoming U.S. elections in 2012.