Israeli Forces Arrested 100 Palestinian Women

Nablus - Israeli forces raided a village near Nablus, West Bank on Thursday, April 7 in the morning local time. In this operation, they arrested around 100 Palestinian women. The arrest was conducted in the Israeli operation to hunt down the perpetrators of the murder of an Israeli family last month.

Hundreds of Israeli soldiers entered the village of Awarta on Thursday morning and immediately apply at night. After that, Israeli forces began arresting the women.

This was conveyed by the local council head, Tayis Awwad told AFP news agency on Thursday (04/07/2011). He said Israeli troops were searching house to house. Palestinian security sources confirmed the incident.

The Israeli military has often perform search operation in the village during the past four weeks. Dozens of villagers had been detained following the murder of a family who lived in the nearest settlement, Itamar months ago.

But according to Awwad, this is the first time Israeli forces arrested the women since the assassination of Israeli families of Israel on 11 March. Since the murder, Israeli forces launched a massive operation to find the perpetrators who killed a married couple and their three children, one of whom was a baby. Five of them were killed while sleeping in their room.

Following the murder, Israeli forces moved into Awarta and implement a curfew for five days in a row and do a search from house to house to find the perpetrators.