Barack Obama is Ready to Fight Again In The Elections of 2012

United States President Barack Obama announced his plan to be ready to fight again in Election 2012 for a second term on Monday (4 / 4). He said the country needs to "protect the success" that has been achieved during that time.

"Today we announced the start of our campaign for 2012," Obama said in a statement on Monday, as reported by AFP.

Obama explained that the government, sympathizers, and supportersthroughout the country " fightingto protect the progress we made . We also need to begin mobilizing for the year 2012, long before the time comes for me to start the campaign in earnest. "

Obama also said, in the coming days, his supporters began forming a new organization in cities across the country. "I will need you all to help support our plan when we conduct campaigns to be more advanced, focused, and more innovative than what we've built before," he said.

The announcement was preceded by a video featuring a group of Obama supporters talk about the importance of the President to continue his work which began in Election 2008. Obama will sign a document to enter his name as a candidate for president in elections in 2012 in Federal Election Commission.

Obama's team published a video on Obama's official website. They also send e-mail to supporters to announce plans Obama becomes president for a second term. In mid April, Obama will be in Chicago for its first fund-raising night.

Republican stronghold keep a sharp critique to Obama, both associated with the financial crisis and the recent associated with military intervention in Libya, but Obama has been canceled.