The Smell of Grass Powerful Way to Relieve Stress

Do you still remember how the fresh scent of freshly cut grass? Imagine a meadow with a fresh green color. The warm morning sun hit the tip of grass still wet with dew, and feel the smell of the fresh naturally produced by the grass. Fresh and calming.

When you feel happy when the scent of fresh grass, it is caused because the smell of fresh grass can reduce your stress levels and can automatically make you happy about that. It seems simple and ordinary, but almost everyone experienced the same thing as she felt the sensation of the scent of fresh grass.

This prompted Dr Menoreh Lavidis, Euroscientist an expert from the University of Queensland to research links between the scent of fresh grass, its effect on comfort, ease tension in the head due to stress, and happy feelings generated thereafter.

No kidding, this research may take up to seven years. The results showed that the aroma of fresh grass was able to work directly on the brain, which is a special section called the amygdala and hippocampus. Sections were directly related to control emotion and memory. The same section was also responsible for the release of hormones that can cause stress.

With the smell of fresh grass, the smell chemical content in these acts directly on the area of ​​stressors on the brain and repair damage to the hippocampus. So do not be surprised if you always feel refreshed, excited at the same time considering the happy memory that you've ever experienced. Is not it very natural and powerful tool to overcome stress by lightning?

Be happy if you live in an area that still leaves a grassy area, lay there in the morning will awaken your spirit. What if not? Not to worry, it's been a lot of manufacturers that provide perfumes and aromatherapy scent of fresh grass. The effects of perfume and aromatherapy is just as good as fresh grass that grows in the field.