Grandfather 85 Years Conquer Atlantic

85-year-old British sailor realize his dreams as a child with a sail across the Atlantic. Anthony Smith and his three friends landed in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, the Caribbean, on Wednesday (06/04/2011), after sailing for two months.

"Some people say it's crazy. But, what else would you do at this age? "said Smith. He wants to prove, parents could undergo a dangerous adventure. They also wanted to raise funds for WaterAid nonprofit institution that provides potable water for the poor.

Uniquely, they sailed capital obtained because Smith was hit by a car up to his waist fracture. "I can cash compensation. What would you do with the money? I am, hell, buy a sailboat, "he said. They departed from the Canary Islands after being delayed a month because of bad weather. The boat was filled with food and fruits, including citrus, avocado, potatoes, cabbage, and pumpkins.

When the bread they bring out, captain David Hildred began to cook the bread in the oven. The ship sailed with speed 4 knots, and the fourth crew to spend time with playing cards or reading while not charged with overseeing the direction of the ship. Along the way, Smith celebrates 85th birthday with chocolate cake made ​​by his doctor, Andrew Bainbridge, on the road. They planned to land in the Bahamas, but the wind carried to St. Maarten. "Yes, this is a success. How many people you know ride a sailboat across the Atlantic? "asked Smith.