Again!!! Earthquake Rocked Japan - 7.4 SR

An earthquake measuring 7.4 magnitude, shook the northeast side Honsu Island, Japan, on Thursday. Not yet known what the impact of the quake was strong enough, but the Japan Meteorological Agency has issued warnings of possible tsunami waters.

This latest quake as deep as 25.6 km from the sea surface. Epicenter located 66 km from the city of Sendai, 114 km from the city of Yamagata, 116 km from the city of Fukushima and 330 km from Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Previously, Japan was rocked by an earthquake on March 11, SR 9. A total of 27 thousand citizens of the east coast of the Japanese dead or missing due to the earthquake that made ​​massive tsunami as high as 10 meters.