Women with Small Breast is Easily Aroused

Big breasted women often synonymous with the perception of beauty. Example, Melinda Dee, women who become suspects burglary Citibank customer funds amounted to Rp17 billion, is often reported as a sexy girl because of large breasts.

However, many have surmised Melinda outcome of breast implant surgery. Not a few women actually have thoughts like Melinda. Feeling satisfied, many women are willing to do anything against his breast like lead implant.

However, your unconscious that women with breast size naturally is viewed more sexy? It's not just the assumption, even medical science test was to prove it.
  1. More easily aroused
    Results of study the University of Vienna found that large-breasted women are sometimes less sensitive to stimuli than smaller. "Breasts have more fat tissue than glandular, when the gland is the most sensitive part," said researcher University of Vienna.
    Sexologist Rachael Ross, said, "On the breast smaller, easier to glands stimulated during foreplay because it lies below the layer of fat."
  2. Easy detection
    Have small breasts are healthy in other ways. "In breast self-examination, the owner of a small breast will be easier to detect a lump in the back of the breast because there are few layers," says oncologist Marisa Weiss, president and founder of Breastcancer.org.
    Small breasts can also save your life because it does not work membenakan neck. Big tits will certainly give weight to the pressure of the body especially the neck "This could change the posture of a woman, especially on the neck and can mneyebabkan headache," said Dr. Weiss.
  3. Making look younger
    Indeed, he seemed more natural to feel attracted to large breasts, but with small breasts, a man can think that we are younger. Satoshi Kanazawa, PhD, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics said, "larger breasts will sag biasnaya from time to time. It also can be an indicator that a woman is not young anymore." "Madame, it is more difficult to determine the age of women when she has smaller breasts."
Melinda Dee