Libya News Today - Battle Brega Took The City are Still Ongoing

Forces pro-democracy fighters continue to fire the cannon, cannon to the position of Colonel Moammar Gaddafi's troops, in an attempt to drive out troops from the City of Brega, Libya east. On the road between Ajdabiya and Brega, the sound of gunfire continued to sound, Friday (1 / 4) evening local time. So far not clear, whether the pro-democracy fighters will take over the City of Brega.

There are a number of marks, while pro-democracy fighters began to apply military tactics. One is the position spread in the desert to intercept Gaddafi troops. Forces pro-democracy fighters are also keeping a distance from civilians, which has come to see them fight. This attitude is creating problems for them, especially on security issues logistics.

Friday night, anti-military group that Gaddafi has been leading to Brega, the city is important for Libyan oil industry. The pro-democracy fighters managed to get into Brega, Friday morning yesterday. But supporting the troops repulsed immediately Gaddafi.