United States Spent $ 4 Million A Day Fund for Operations In Libya

War in Libya drain fund of 4 million U.S. dollars, or USD 34.7 billion a day for the United States Air Force. However, that number will decrease with the withdrawal of U.S. fighter jets from the operation.

"Until Tuesday morning, maybe we have spent 75 million dollars (USD 652.1 billion) to fund military operations so far," said U.S. Air Force Secretary, Michael Dony, Tuesday (05/04/2011). "And our best estimate is at number 4 million dollars per day," he said.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Donley said, that value may change due to U.S. participation in military assault operations are now gone. However, Donley can not say the exact number of cost reductions resulting from the withdrawal of U.S. combat aircraft.

About 50 aircraft, including fighter jets and ground attack aircraft, were deployed for air strikes against Libya for a few days. While the Air Force supporters to donate 39 aircraft refueling, reconnaissance, and a number of other tasks, according to Donley.

He said the aircraft type attacker would return to their headquarters in Europe and remain alert when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to ask for help from Washington in their military operations, carried out since 19 March.

U.S. air strike lightning ended on Monday at 2200 GMT, when NATO took over the mission of air strikes that, under the mandate of the United Nations to enforce the no-fly area and protect civilians from the threat of force Libyan regime.

Total overall cost of U.S. military operations are estimated to number 500 million U.S. dollars on March 28.

For relief efforts in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country, the Air Force spent about 40 million U.S. dollars for the evacuation of U.S. citizens 5000-6000 and approximately 8-9 million dollars for humanitarian support, including providing food supplies, said Donley.