The Phenomenon of Donut In The Sky of Belgium

The phenomenon of donut-shaped appearance in the sky of Belgium was arrested by the weather radar recently. Previously, the same phenomenon has also been arrested in Australia in 2010.

What exactly is space that donut? Some people had expected it a UFO. But do not be afraid, because the donut is common natural phenomenon caused by melting snow in the atmosphere.

Marc Dantonio, analysts photos and videos from the Mutual UFO Network, said that the donut is called a melting circle. This occurs in a wide area thus forming a ring-shaped anomaly.

When capturing the image of melting snow, the radar could not capture an area located just above the antenna, called a "cone of silence". As a result, created a similar image of a donut with the middle that seemed hollow.

"The radar can only catch the outside of the region which can be reached, namely that the outside of the donut. Meanwhile, the inside depending on the angle the radar pointing to the sky," Dantonio said that his organization seeks to solve the riddle of UFOs.

Donut phenomenon is only one of many phenomena due to magic formula that can be captured by radar. According to Dantonio, this phenomenon should not be diidetntikkan UFO, but it should be named after IRA (Identifiable Radar Anomalies).

Donut phenomenon can be observed only on the weather radar screen. Donut looks great on screen because the radar has a range of good size. If the radar was in the mountains, donut may appear larger, with larger holes as well.

Donut space imagery is only visible in a moment on the radar screen. This is due to emit radar signals only every seven seconds each hour.