Space Exploration Technology (SpaceX) is Developing Largest Space Rocket

Space Exploration Technology (SpaceX) is developing the largest rocket from humans to the moon landing mission. The rocket is capable of carrying cargo with a capacity of two times larger than NASA's space shuttle and the cost is cheaper.

SpaceX's latest rocket called Falcon Heavy. The rocket is a development from previous rocket called Falcon 9, the rockets that have been done two times and purchased by NASA to launch cargo flights to the International Space Station after the shuttle program completed this year.

Heavy Falcon has advantages because it can carry a payload of 53,071 kg, twice the cargo space shuttle that only 22 680 kg. At a cost of 80 million-125 million dollars per launch, the cost of the use of this rocket 1 / 10 of the shuttle which cost around 1.5 billion U.S. dollars.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said, "The rocket has a higher capability than all vehicles, except the Saturn V. This opens the possibility for government and commercial space missions, which until now not supported by existing capacity."

Heavy Falcon sebenanrnya designed as a cargo plane. However, due to meet the safety requirements of NASA, the rocket could be used to carry humans. Not only to orbit the earth, Falcon Heavy claimed humans can also deliver on a mission to the moon, Mars, and asteroids.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy claimed that the ability can only be rivaled by the Saturn V which had helped bring people to the moon and carry 200,000 pounds of cargo load. The rocket is scheduled to undergo flight tests in 2013 in California and later at Cape Canaveral, Florida.