10's Advice was Wrong

1. Frequent brushing will make the hair healthy and shiny
Wrong. Combing is only required to unravel the tangled hair. Too often combing can actually cause hair loss, and makes hair brittle, dry, and brittle.

2. Shave legs can make the hair grow thicker
Wrong. Shave legs, underarms and other body parts will only cut the hair at the top of the skin. Hair follicles will not be damaged or uprooted. So, when hair grows back, it will still grow normally.

3. The pores can be diminished
Wrong. Some egg white mask like the mask is able to shrink pores, but only temporarily. After the effect is lost, the pores will return to its original size.

4. Many eating chocolate can cause acne
Wrong. Until now there has been no research that could prove the relationship between acne with food. Clearly, eating nutritious foods like vegetables and fruits can make the skin healthier.

5. Baby oil may prevent stretch marks
Actually, that could help prevent stretch marks is the massage is performed while applying the oil to the skin surface. With massage, the skin so it is ready for "stretchy" without leaving a trace.

6. The higher the SPF, the better
Not necessarily. The important thing is you have sunscreen UVA filters (for anti-aging) and UVB (to prevent sunburn). SPF only difference determines how often we have to put back on the skin. The higher the SPF, the longer he stays in the skin.

7. Thin people may not have cellulite
Wrong. Cellulite is a skin problem, not a fat problem. That affect the appearance of cellulite is heredity, hormones, and the aging process. Not only that thin people can have cellulite problems, even the fat will still have cellulite when their weight dropped dramatically.

8. No need to wear sunscreen when the weather is cloudy
Just because the sun was not blazing in our skin, it does not mean he did not exist at all. Harmful UVA rays can penetrate clouds, car glass, and glass windows. So it is advisable to wear sunscreen at all times.

9. Wearing cosmetics can damage the skin
Today almost all brands of cosmetics has been proven safe and taka will damage the skin. Many others made noncomedogenic, which means it will not clog pores. In addition, the cosmetics can also protect skin from exposure to dust, pollution, and sunlight.

10. No need to use oily skin moisturizer
All skin types need a moisturizer to keep it smooth and soft. Even wearing a moisturizer is one of the rituals required for skin care. If you have oily skin, make sure the moisturizer you use is oil-free moisturizer.