Coffee Good For Male Fertility

Drinking coffee in the morning may have become a habit for some people. In addition to eliminating drowsiness, drinking coffee before starting the activity was good for fertility for men. Black coffee could make sperm swim faster and improve male fertility.

This opinion is not without reason, the results of research conducted by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. revealed, The Adam who regularly drank a cup of coffee every morning has a more agile swimming sperm than men who never drank coffee in the morning.

According to the researchers, the caffeine content in coffee can help the sperm swim faster than sperm samples to help improve the process of IVF (in vitro-fertilization), the method of fertilization outside the womb. The study was conducted by 750 men who will do a vasectomy (surgical contraception for men). They were divided into four groups based on the amount of coffee consumed.

Four groups were, those who drank no coffee, light coffee drinkers (1-3 cups of coffee per day), coffee drinkers are (between 4-6 cups a day). And heavy coffee drinkers (more than 6 cups per day), with a size scale of 100 ml cup. The result, respondents who drank regular coffee per day (1-3 cups of coffee per day) had a much better quality sperm than men who drank no coffee.

But keep in mind, excessive coffee drinking can increase the stroke because it can damage blood vessel walls. In pregnant women, can increase heart rate, attack the placenta, can even cause death.