Emma Watson Partying at Strip Club

After working very hard, of course very natural that we want to release the load moment and have fun. And it seems, Emma Watson knows how to have fun after shooting for 10 years for HARRY POTTER!

Emma seems to have really let go of his image as a teenage magician and claimed that he had become a woman at a party after the release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, Part II in New York. The reason, she chose to release the fatigue and a sense of relief by partying in a striptease club!

"He really enjoyed his time. There are some girls who dress very skimpy, but she did not care. There are several pole at the club, but she chose to miss it (dancing). After a night of magnitude, it is worth if he wants a bit of fun, "said a source, as reported by The Sun.

Emma seen dancing with some friends at the club located in New York throughout the night. "She was smiling all the time, before finally going at about 2 am," continued the source.