Be Careful!!! Video of Amy Winehouse Death was Circulated

Facebook users should be careful, because Amy Winehouse scam circulating widely. This scam circulating on Facebook a few hours after news of Winehouse's death last Saturday.

The target is to fan the singer who died from an overdose of it. Link scam that masquerades as recording the last moments of jazz-soul singer Amy Winehouse before his death.

For example, by the title link "-Amy Winehouse's Shocking Final Minutes" and "Video leaked of Amy Winehouse's death!" The truth is, if clicked will link to online survey sites.

Quoted from Yahoo! News, Tony Neate, managing from the Get Safe Online said, although only an online survey, there is likely a scam it is a means of people to make money from the bad things that are happening. Like when the tsunami of 2004, held a fund-raising fake scammer via email scam.