Dragon Fruit Prevent Colon Cancer

Dragon fruit has beneficial properties for human health. The benefits of dragon fruit such as balancing blood sugar levels, protecting oral health, prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, preventing bleeding and treating complaints of vaginal discharge.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is usually consumed as fresh fruit as relieving thirst, because the dragon fruits contain high water content of about 90% by weight of the fruit.

It was pretty sweet because it contains sugar content reaches 13-18 briks. Dragon fruit can also be presented in the form of juice, fruit juice, sweets and jam or various forms of presentation according to your taste.

In general, experts agree and acknowledge the dragon fruit is rich in potassium, ferum, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium is good for health compared to other fruits are imported.

According to AL Leong from Johncola Pitaya Food R & D, an organization that examines the red dragon fruit, cactus fruit is quite rich honey with a variety of vitamins and mineral substances which greatly helped improve the durability and beneficial for metabolism in the human body.

Research shows the red dragon fruit is excellent for the circulatory system, also gives the effect of reducing the emotional pressures and neutralize toxic in the blood. Research also shows this fruit can prevent colon cancer, in addition to preventing high cholesterol content in the blood and reduce levels of fat in the body.

Overall, each of the red dragon fruit contain adequate protein can increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health; fiber (to prevent colon cancer, diabetes and diet); carotene (eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent the entry of the disease), calcium (bone strengthening).

Dragon fruit also contain adequate iron to increase the blood; vitamin B1 (to prevent fever entity); vitamin B2 (add to taste), vitamin B3 (lowers cholesterol) and vitamin C (increase slipperiness, smoothness of skin and prevent acne).