Breasts: Strong vs. Weak

There are no official records for the breast of the world's strongest, but Susan Sykes from the United States has touted the breast with power punches destroyed Mike Tyson match. In addition to broken slabs of concrete, Susan breasts also can destroy the cans of soda.

Women who became known by his stage name Busty Heart is time to perform in the event America's Got Talent on NBC in 2008. Although ultimately not pass the audition, he managed to make the jury was amazed at the awesomeness of her breasts.

On the first occasion, he composed nine cans of soft drinks on the table and then put it together with duct tape. With full force, he allegedly slammed her right breast each weighs 18 kg to stack these cans.

In recent times the beat, the cans are arranged together and even then flattened to nearly flush with the table. Quoted from dailymail, the action was later followed by breaking some concrete slabs as in karate stance, it's just done with the breast.

Breast by Susan power extreme as yours is rare, perhaps only one among the thousands of women who are lucky to have them.

Susan Sykes
Irene Ferrari

Breasts are really weak to easily erupt also not much and there are only several cases have been reported.

One of them belonged to a Russian model, Irene Ferrari that erupted during a flight from Moscow to Zurich mid-2010. Breast coincidence that erupted not 100 percent authentic, because several months earlier had been enlarged with silicone implant installation.

When the plane experienced turbulence, there was shock that made ​​Irene hit the seat in front of him. Despite the hard beturan it does not have a broken rib, Irene felt incredible pain and should be rushed to the hospital.

After review, the impact it makes her breast implants break so that the contents leak into surrounding tissue. Excerpted from The Register, Wednesday (11/05/2011), the pain he experienced a rejection reaction against silicone fluid that comes out of the wrapper.

Although controversial, therealso the pointed out that the difference in pressure inside the aircraft cabin is a cause of breast implant damage suffered by Irene . But many who doubt this speculation, given the nature of liquid silicone are more likely to change shape rather than break when experiencing pressure changes.