Four Ways to Dress Always Looks New

1. Do not be too often washed
If clean clothes are only used for 2-3 hours and is not affected by dirt or sweat, do not immediately washed. Hanging and winds only. The process of washing and drying can affect the quality of the fabric.

2. Do not use cheap detergent
Cheap detergent did make a monthly expenditure to be more frugal. But clothes shopping budget will swell because of the color of clothing so quickly fading. Invest in a quality detergent products. Or use the natural way: before washing clothes, soak for 10-15 minutes in a tub filled with water that has been mixed two tablespoons of vinegar. This serves to hold the color so as not easily fade.

3. Separate laundry
Your mother may have taught long ago to separate the colored clothes with white clothes. But it would be better if we separate the laundry into four types:
- White dress
- Dark-colored clothing (black, dark blue, dark brown)
- Brightly colored clothing (pink, red, yellow and other colors of the rainbow)
- Soft clothing (which should be washed by hand such as underwear, silk lingerie, bikinis, etc.)

4. Use a MSG to remove stains
Blood stains, oils, beverages, and food is often difficult to remove from clothing. The trick to remove it is to soak the clothes in water that has been spiked with a teaspoon of MSG, aka MSG. After that, wash as usual.

5. Do not rely on the dryer
Although it easier for us, it's good once in a while leave the dryer. Fabrics are dried naturally will be more durable than ever put into the dryer.