Fish-eating Crocodile

Crocodiles eat fish not uncommon, but that is not commonplace is the fish eating crocodile, but it turns out there and it can happen. Then what kind of fish that could buasnya crocodiles are known to prey on wild and fierce that? Just look at his picture below, the shape of his teeth are not the same as the shark, but no less dangerous because it is ready to tear apart their prey until destroyed.

Goliath Tigerfish

Jeremy Wade is 52 years of a man who followed the fishing competition which was announced by Facebook account managed to catch these fish. Perhaps you will say is Piranha predatory fish, but this is not his name is Goliath Tigerfish has pointy teeth numbered 32, was arrested in a river in Congo in the Facebooker the fishing competition.

With the strong guts Jeremi carrying fish that weighed over 60 kg has a length of up to 5 feet. Goliath Tigerfish is one of the world's fish terbuas far more savage and magnitude of the Piranha and Tench. Jeremi using bait fishing with catfish fishing for Goliath Tigerfish this, as quoted by the Daily Mail revealed that these fish generally eat the fish whose size is large and equal to its size, not even the sparsely populated around the Congo river is hunting these fish encounter known wild crocodiles.