4 Drinks that are Good for Consumption

beverages sold in the market, from offering health benefits Many types of to keeping your freshness. Though there are only a few types of drinks that are good for your consumption.

Nutritional consultant from New York Keri M Gans says anything good drinks and decent you swallow every day.

Mineral water. This is the ultimate healthy beverage. White Water has no calories and pure nature. You are free to eat whatever the amount. However, health experts still recommend two liters per day.

Fruit juice. Fruit juice fruit juices are allowed as well who were not given extra sugar. But Gans said the real fruit is still better to meet the needs of fiber the body than fruit juice.

Milk. This is a healthy drink that is important, especially for children. Milk provides many health benefits because they contain more than nine essential nutrients. "For an old, drink milk without the fat," said Gans.

Tea. Any tea, either green tea, black tea or herbal tea, all terbuktu contain high levels of antioxidants that are believed to protect the body from damage.