Meat Chicken, Trigger Early Puberty At Risk Girls

Puberty is a period when a child is experiencing changes in physical, psychological and sexual maturation function. Today, many cases of early puberty occurs in children, where one factor comes from food intake.
So what kind of foods that can trigger the risk of early puberty in children? Consumption of chicken pieces that were injected with the hormone could cause the child to experience early puberty, particularly in women.

Typically, puberty begins when a child in the life of eight to ten years and ended approximately at the age of 15 to 16 years.

"So that's what we call his name endocrine distractor, a chemical that distruction disrupt the body's endocrine system," said Dr. Aman Bakti Pulungan, SP.A (K), Chairman of the Working Group Endocrinology Unit of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine), current events Discussion Forum Institute for Health and Development Study, Saturday (07/16/2011).

Aman explained, so far there have been studies in Latin America that examines the relationship between the habit of eating chicken pieces to the risk of early puberty. But the results of scientific research does not succeed in proving any connection between them.

"But case by case, I am quite sure, this effect especially in girls. If for example there is a chemical or hormonal substances in the chicken," he added.