Skin Problems For The Lovers of Sport

Exercising certainly can nourish the body. Regular exercise can also make natural skin beauty appears. But if you pick the wrong skin care methods, is precisely the problem will arise on the skin.

Sporty Girl

As quoted from Carefair, during exercise, many people choose to wear tight clothes olahaga. This resulted in the skin pores become closed and flooded with sweat. As a result the skin accumulate dirt. For those with sensitive skin, sweat and dirt that came out of the body during exercise to cause problems such as red-red skin, severe acne as well.

To avoid the above problem, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. When exercising, try to menguncir hair and wearing a bandana, to prevent falling into the forehead bangs. The forehead and neck skin is a sensitive part. Letting your hair in a state of sweaty and dirty down in the skin can cause problems such as rashes or acne.

2. When the exercise is completed, immediately take your clothes are soaked with sweat (including bandanas). Bathing is the most appropriate activities - for the rest of the dirty sweat did not get lodged in the pores of the skin.

3. Saunas can also be a fun activity after exercise. But do not be too long in the sauna because it can make the skin's natural moisture disappears.

4. Avoid wearing sports clothes that are too tight let alone choose materials that do not absorb sweat. In addition to making the pores of the skin covered with sweat and dirt, this dress is also not good for your health.