Married at the Age of 99 Years

The phrase that's never too late in the affairs of romance may have a point. Gilbert Herrick, 99-year-old man married his girlfriend, Virginia Hartman, in old age. This is the first marriage Herrick.
In the early years, Herrick vowed not to marry until she found a woman fits in his heart. Travel romance veteran of World War II and retired officers in the New York Post, United States, this trip was not as smooth as a career.
Both meet at Monroe Community Hospital nursing home in 2010. Since its first meeting, Harrick immediately fell in love with the widow with five. Both decided to unite in marriage.
"No one can talk here. He is the only friend. I began to visit her every day. I think he'll kick me out. But he did not do it," he disclosed Herrick.
Elderly couples are married on June 4 in one multi-purpose room at the nursing home where he and his wife lived. Simple event was attended by the children as well Hartman grandchildren. The love story like Herrick realize that love will indeed find its own way, although it will probably take a long time.