Tips & Tricks - Relieve Headache

Most upset when the headache began to attack, when the workload is high. This will certainly make it difficult to concentrate. As a result, the work became neglected.


Actually there are several causes of headaches. Among these foods (like cheese that has been long, canned foods, or alcohol), inflammation, and neck pain. According to experts, the cause of headache is the most common neck and shoulders stiff.

Myogenik, this type of headache, caused by strained muscles in the neck, shoulders, scalp, or jaw. The trigger is not just sitting the wrong way, but also stress, anxiety, or depression. Mild to moderate in intensity, sometimes followed by a decrease in appetite.

If the headache you are experiencing is myogenik, do not rush to take headache medicine. Because, there are easy ways to overcome them. In yoga, the movement is called the Seated Neck Release. By doing a good stretch, the tension in the neck muscles can be loosened.

To do this, sit in a comfortable position. Place right hand on the left side of your head, and push the head to tilt to the right. Hold for a count of breath, and then replace the other side. Repeat on both sides once again.