Megan Fox Familiarize Eating Raw Foods

Jealous of the beauty of body and beauty Megan Fox? Do not be, because you can also take part had a beautiful body like Megan with which he shared the secret to getting a sexy body.

During this time, Megan is known as an actress and model with sexy image. It is quite feasible, because Megan had a high commitment to maintain the body shape, beauty and health with an adequate diet special.
Do not be mistaken for Megan to do a strict diet and starve to get the curve of her body. Brian Austin Green's wife was admitted to not go on a diet, just eat healthy foods.

"I ate five days but not diet, just eat healthily, usually raw foods and vegetarian, no dairy products," explains the Transformers star.
The schedule is pretty solid also sometimes disrupt his diet, but Megan still tried to maintain discipline of food into his mouth. "(Eating habits) is not always possible to travel and shoot what I did. I also take supplements like fish oils and silica," said Megan.