Smoking Effects on Beauty

As reported by WebMD, the following adverse effects of smoking on skin beauty especially:
Sagging skin quickly
In tobacco cigarettes is the main raw material, contained more than 4.0000 of chemicals. The danger, the various ingredients that trigger the destruction of collagen and skin elasticity.
"Consequently, smokers so fast sagging skin and wrinkles have a more visible," said Keri, a dermatologist University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.
Skin So Pale
Smoking can lower the oxygen content and nutrients the skin. Therefore, some smokers seem more pale than non-smokers.
According Jonette Keri, skin color changes may occur since a young age.
"In people who do not smoke, rarely seen skin color differences. But it can happen more quickly in smokers," he said.
Create your face look old
Wrinkled skin under the eyes is characteristic of smokers. Not just skin wrinkles, smoking can also make skin more sensitive to the dangers of the sun.
There are wrinkles around the lips
"Smokers using some muscles around his lips so that it causes them to have more wrinkles around the lips rather than non-smokers," said Keri.
As already noted above, smoking can also reduce the elasticity of the skin. So that the lines wrinkles around the lips of smokers would be more apparent.