Private Funeral For Amy Winehouse

Fans who hoped to accompany the corpse Amy Winehouse is up to the final resting should be disappointed. Controversial British singer's family said they would hold a private funeral attended only the closest relatives.

Currently, they were discussing the best location for burying the singer and songwriter is a genius. Five-Grammy-winning album Back to Black through (2006) is planned to be buried Tuesday afternoon local time (GMT last night).

It was delayed from the original plan because police were still running the autopsy. Post-mortem examination on Monday has not provided a significant explanation about the cause of death Winehouse. Speculation is also growing. Parents Winehouse, Mitch and Janis, suspected that his daughter died of a heart attack.

Meanwhile, her former lover, Reg Traviss, denied rumors that the singer was 27 years died from an overdose of drugs. "That's impossible," said Traviss told The Sun.

"He was very cheerful and very excited about lately. He's always thinking well what's going to wear. She likes to juxtapose her clothes before deciding. Amy always seemed eager to lately, "said the director of the film.

Although the location has not been determined, the funeral Winehouse is feasible in three stages. First, his body will be cremated at a crematorium in London. And then, funerals Jews (Shiva) will be held in a synagogue and continued in the family home.