Emma Stone Closed his Facebook Account

When everyone is vying to 'live' in social networking, beautiful actress Emma Stone instead decided to close his Facebook account. Another reason is because Emma's not addicted to playing games via Facebook!

Emma Stone

The end of life Emma digitally via Facebook this diakunya after feeling that he was too 'dependent' on the game Farmville, which can be accessed via a Facebook account. EASY A star is claimed to be too busy managing the farm, planting crops, caring for animals, and sell his ranch, to the extent that can not work.

I was so busy 'farming', Emma finally decided to close his Facebook account in order to concentrate on the life and career in the real world. "I'm so addicted to Farmville, so I had to stop," says Emma.

Celebrity story about a virtual game is not just happening to Emma. Last May, Lady GaGa was launching a new single, Born This Way, precisely through this game. Well, perhaps now the turn of the Little Monster is so addicted to Farmville!