BlackBerry TV

Bargaining power of Research In Motion (RIM) appears to be more complete with the presence of this one product. RIM reportedly makes the BlackBerry device called the TV which will also enliven the realm of digital TV.

Blackberry TV

BlackBerry pembesut wants to bring more content than through smartphones and internet tablets. Thus, digital TV devices that display the content on a larger screen to answer.

Although RIM has not confirmed its truth by itself, as quoted from Slashgear, Friday (15/07/2011), this device is touted to compete with Apple TV and Google TV.

But unlike Apple TV and Google TV that target domestic consumers, RIM's devices will be aimed at the enterprise. Citing internal sources who declined to be named RIM, BlackBerry TVs will use QNX software.

The features contained on the TV in between BlackBerry BlackBerry Presenter, namely accessory that allows BlackBerry smartphone users send their PowerPoint presentations wirelessly to the TV.

For this time, there has been no more information about the detailed specifications BlackBerry TV. To be sure his presence would disturb plans Apple TV and Google TV.