Tempe, Tackles the Disease

Similar word of tempe is tempeh.

In the nutritional equivalent of Tempe also turned out to have the same benefits as yogurt. Tempe containing low phytic acid, vitamin b12, protein digestibility and contains isivlavon ready.
As stated by Professor Dr Ir Rindit Pambayun MP, Professor of Food Science University of Sriwijaya, Indonesia. He said it was substances that can counteract the disease in the body.
"Therefore, tempeh is useful for diarrhea, lowers blood pressure, contain superoxide desmutase so good for heart patients, lowering cholesterol, anti-cancer and preventing osteoporosis," said Rindit.
In addition to Tempe, many wonderful foods are all around us. Fermented foods in general are relics of our ancestors.


What is Tempe?
Tempe is a food made ​​from the fermentation of soy beans or some other materials that use some kind of fungus Rhizopus, such as Rhizopus oligosporus, Rh. oryzae, Rh. stolonifer (bread mold), or Rh. arrhizus. The preparation of this fermentation is generally known as "yeast tempeh".
Mold that grows on hydrolyze soy complex compounds into simpler compounds that are easily digested by humans. Tempeh is rich in dietary fiber, calcium, vitamin B and iron. Various kinds of content in tempeh have medicinal value, such as antibiotics to cure the infection and antioxidant prevention of degenerative diseases.
In general, tempeh is white because of the growth of mold mycelia that holds the seeds of soybean to form a compact texture. Degradation of components in fermented soybean made ​​tempeh has a distinctive flavor and aroma. In contrast with tofu, tempeh feels a bit sour.
Tempe widely consumed in Indonesia, but now has worldwide. Vegetarians around the world, many who have been using tempeh as a meat substitute. As a result now tempe produced in many places in the world, not only in Indonesia. Various studies in several countries, like Germany, Japan, and the United States. Indonesia is also now trying to develop strains (strains) to generate superior tempeh Rhizopus faster, quality, or improve the nutritional content of tempeh. Some worry this activity can threaten the existence of tempeh as a food ingredient public property because yeast strains superior tempeh can be registered so that their use patent rights reserved (requires a license from the patent holders).