Google+ Opponent, Facebook Hold Skype

Competition in the business world is increasingly competitive social networking. A variety of new social networking sites grows each year. Google+ one of them. To defend his title, the king took the Facebook social networking internet telephone company Skype Technologies.

Facebook is proud to introduce the service in cooperation with Skype, Video Chat, Wednesday (6 / 7).

This service allows users to chat her jolly while exchanging expressions. Even more unique anymore, Video Chatting on Facebook can be used together, or better known as the conference. To use it, users simply to click on a friend who wanted to chat and press the special button Video Chats. A box will appear on the computer screen that contains the option to accept or reject the call.

"The service is easy to use," said Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Video Chat will be available to users on Facebook in the coming weeks. Hopefully, this service can spoil the hearts of the owners of Facebook accounts and persuade them not to turn away.

Previously, Google+ could be a threat to Facebook. Display Google+ is designed as closely as possible with Facebook. Like Facebook, Google's social networking allows users to share pictures, stories and comments. The difference lies in additional features such as maps and other images stored in Google data centers. In addition, Google+ claims helps users to easily group contacts and their friends in the system group.

However, some analysts say Google only shows what the back up and just add the video chat facility.