Secrets in the Women's Bags Luggage

Want to know why women always take longer to fill his trunk before the holidays? And you know the reason why they never brought a small suitcase? Find the answers here.

A unique study conducted on 2,000 women in the UK. The survey, conducted online by a local travel agent business people find interesting facts.

From the studies cited by the Daily Mail revealed that, 77 percent of respondents deliberately bringing more goods than they need just in case. Five percent of respondents also admitted to intentionally bring clothes two times more than necessary because it could not decide what to wear during the holidays.

Not only that, the women also admitted to carrying a variety of accessory equipment to suit every outfit worn - from the dryers, curling up to a hair straightener. Equipment was also the cause of women's excess luggage weight.

Funny thing is, not infrequently a woman having problems because of excess luggage contents. As many as 65 percent of women admitted difficulty closing his suitcase himself for being too full, and 72 percent of women admitted was forced to pay for overweight luggage at the airport.

However, when I got home vacation, suitcase lightweight women will not be increased. Precisely usually, they get a suitcase full (because while on vacation, they always found time for shopping).