Rafflesia in Bengkulu Endangered

Researchers corpse flower Rafflesia arnoldii University of Bengkulu, said Agus Susatya rare endangered flora and increasingly difficult to find in the forests of Bengkulu and Sumatera and host habitat due to the growth of increasingly hard to come by.

Rafflesia arnoldii

"Even according to my already over endangered, because it can not be predicted how the population at this time and no one can predict," he said in Bengkulu, on Tuesday.

This he said while visiting the sites of rare breeding is initiated puspa Care Group Puspa Rare dam Monok Kepahiang District, Bengkulu.

He shared a number of journalists and members of Community Care for Rare Puspa Bengkulu (KPPL) established a number of social networking facebook users who are concerned over the preservation of Rafflesia spp expedition to the habitat of a rare flower in the Forest Preserve Love Heart, Kepahiang.

According to him, Rafflesia spp bloom in the forests increasingly difficult to find as rampant illegal logging and encroachment action of forests to plantations in the wild.
"Love Heart Protection Forest as one of the habitats of Rafflesia spp increasingly damaged by the encroachment but no concrete action from the government to solve this," he added.

He said the illegal encroachment on forest areas became increasingly threatening the habitat of interest is sustainability.

Government attention, especially related institutions such as the Conservation of Natural Resources according to him are not enough to preserve rare puspa even the iconic symbol of Bengkulu province.

Flower Rafflesia spp, according to him, did not receive attention for rare fauna Sumatran tiger (tigris sumatrae Phantera) whose status is also endangered.
"If the dead tiger was definitely excited, but if the habitat of the Rafflesia spp continue narrowing was no response," added the inventor of this bengkuluensis Rafflesia cultivars.

Government support for conservation by allocating a budget for the study of flora is also very minimal.

While the Philippines in the last five years has managed to find five new species of Rafflesia spp and claims to be the center of puspa rare.

And he said, from 25 species of Rafflesia spp in the world, as many as 14 species in Indonesia and 11 were located on the island of Sumatra. "In Bengkulu we've found four species of Rafflesia arnoldii, hasseltii Rafflesia, Rafflesia Rafflesia gadutensis and bengkuluensis.

Research on Raflesia said he has not got a decent portion among researchers. This is evident from the number of researchers Raflesia that can be counted with the fingers. "Besides me, there is a lecturer at the University of Riau and another lecturer at the IPB," he said.

Agus expect government and public awareness of the existence of the world's largest flora so that it remains sustainable in the Earth Rafflesia.