Cosmic Panda

The existence of Google+ affects all the features of Google products. Most of the features of Google redesigned to seminimalis and in line with Google+ interface, such as Gmail display instead of just yesterday.
And now turn to YouTube. YouTube Cosmic Panda named a new design has several new features. Under his video screen there are four icons regulatory frame size and device customization channel editing.
Moreover, in Cosmic Panda no comments display manager. Here there is an option to display or not display the video comment. Tab menu also suggested the video bigger, so more visible.
But in this new display no icons are missing, such as icon for the skip forward or backward, but this function can still be done directly on the slider.
Overall, the interface is cleaner and better views. But if you do not like the Cosmic Panda and prefer the old one, you can still return to the old interface YouTube.