Duo Justin and Selena Gomez

Although both works as a singer, but until now Justin and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, did not take a chance for a duet. But ultimately the two teenagers who are in love this sing together, let alone kiss colored action!

Although not formally a duet on stage or in concert, Justin and Selena looks quite comfortable doing it at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles. The couple reportedly had been to a bar called the Lucky Strike in LA on Sunday (10 / 7) night and some visitors with a riveting duet for a song popularized Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

Baby 'singer and her boyfriend even had time to show off the intimacy onstage. For some parts of the songs sung together, Bieber and Selena together using only one microphone.
Not only that, after completing a song, Selena soon be in Justin's arms, before finally being kissed by the stars of this teen idol. Inevitably, the audience was immediately greeted with rousing cheers.