Hundreds of Thousand Egyptian Women Have Firearms

Based on the latest statistics, around 550 women in Egypt now has a license to own firearms.

It is not separated from the petition filed by Suzan Mubarak and Jihan Sadat, Jihan asks where her husband, the late President Anwar Sadat, to be given permission to hold the firearm and also taught her how to shoot. As Suzan Mubarak, has undergone two periods of shooting practice, first in Egypt, and the second in London.

Egyptian newspaper, Rose El-Youssef, Sunday (3 / 7), reported that among licensed gun ownership is given to women for the former vice chairman of parliament Zainab Abdel-Hamid and Nariman Darmelli. Both proposed permit possession of a weapon after getting threats.

The representatives of the Council of People's Congress (DKR), launched a fierce war against their colleagues in parliament. They reject the Egyptian women were given the right to obtain possession of a firearm license.

In 2010, about 150 members of the DRK who all men to prepare the Bill (the Bill) to revise Law No. emergency. 394 of 1954 on Firearms and Ammunition, as amended by Act No.75 of 1958 regarding the same rules and is still in force, to prevent women getting licensed gun ownership.

And now the women of Egypt are competing to buy guns after the Popular Revolution of January 25, along with the proliferation of security threats. Based on data reported by the security forces, up to now about 100,000 Egyptian women-from January to June, already has a firearm illegally.

Mentioned that the main requirement of a woman allowed to own guns is at least 21 years old, and had not previously been involved or accused of a crime. Women who are concerned are also required to have the threat of job-prone as men. For example, lawyers, journalists, cops and secretaries, prosecutors, judges, ambassadors and members of the council or assembly of the people, and the wife of the president.