Want the Perfect Smile?

However, beautiful smile someone very closely associated with health around the mouth and teeth. Well, how so that we always can smile freely without worry.
Drinking tea and water
Research has shown that black tea can clean your mouth of bacteria that cause dental plaque. And water will rinse and remove bacteria and food particles that can eventually turn into plaque.
A lot of calcium consumption
Drinking milk will build strong bones and teeth. The lack of calcium will increase the risk of tooth decay and cavities.
Avoid candy and soda
Sugar and acid are two substances harmful to the teeth. You do not have to really avoid it, but eat enough and do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards.
Consumption of vitamin C
Citrus or fruit and other foods high in vitamin C helps protect the mouth from various infections. Consumption of vitamin C more thereby reducing your risk of gingivitis.
Diligent eating fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables help rid the bacteria from the teeth and chewed it increases production of saliva to neutralize the bacteria so.