Your Child Neglect?

Frustrated because your words are often ignored by the little guy?
Helium gives several reasons why children like to ignore the words of her parents. This is it!

1. Testing the limits of patience
Children want to assess the extent to which parents have the patience to deal with. The goal is to determine the extent to which limitations in the act. Children often make their own limits without having received instructions from you. Sometimes, way is to "deny" parent.

2. Assess who controls
Quite often a lot of kids who try to be "the controller" including that of parents. Once they managed to control you, then they will use the same way to do it again. For that you must be firm. Do not let your children grow beyond the boundaries of prevailing values​​.

3. growth phase
Children, especially when the teenage years, undergoes a phase that makes them rebellious. They seemed to live in their own world and as if no one understands. Do not let this phase to make your child more and more uncontrolled. You have a lot to talk and get closer to him, and show that you really care and affection.

4. intelligence
Sometimes not mean the child has denied or not obey your word. But their intelligence often requires you to give a logical reason and acceptable. To always be honest in your child. Do not give him reasons that are less logical, because it will only bring in a variety of other questions that make you overwhelmed answer.
For example, when a child is not sleeping, persuade him. Tell him if you sleep less, then he did not have enough energy to play tomorrow. Giving reasons for the scare kids, like being kidnapped other fictitious monsters or creatures will just baffled and wondering.