Emma Watson Featured in Lingerie

Officially graduated from Hogwarts School aka finished with the seventh Harry Potter film, Emma Watson apparently did not want to miss a chance to try different roles. And the role that will dilakoninya this time can be fairly challenging.
Emma, ​​who plays a smart figure of a witch named Hermione Granger in the wizard teen adventure film, will play a figure which is more 'daring'. Because, in one scene in the movie The Perks OF BEING WALLFLOWER, Emma will be performing open-aperture.

Susan Sarandon plays, she demanded to be able to act with a brilliant, though his body will just wrapped lingerie. Although risky, but she admitted quite excited with this new role, as expressed in the WENN.

"There's one scene where I have to play Susan Sarandon from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I'll stand up just wearing a corset in front of other players, while dancing. This is ridiculous, but it was funny when it should exit from the world of Harry Potter and constantly doing one new thing, "said Emma.