Judge Formation of American Idol Session 11

There is a possibility of formation judge AMERICAN IDOL Season 11 will experience a change. There are rumors that Steven Tyler was offered a contract extension and will again join with Randy Jackson. Unfortunately the name of Jennifer Lopez did not seem to mention. It could be Jennifer's position would be replaced by another judge.
Steven Tyler does not want a lot of comments about his involvement in the show AMERICAN IDOL Season 11. He just said if it's still in negotiations with producers. "We're in negotiations," only that which is said to Steven that time. According to Contact Music, Aerosmith frontman is refusing to comment further.
Previously, Jennifer Lopez had said if he did not seem like a favorite judge for season 11 but he was grateful because he got no time for other activities. "I have not been 'forced' to make a decision," said Jennifer. Furthermore Jennifer Lopez says, "I had an amazing time doing it and I loved it, but a lot of things to do in the near future." Unclear whether this means that Jennifer Lopez will not be offered a longer contract or he actually is a choice even sure the producers.