Chelsy Davy was Disappointed with Prince Harry

Prince Harry's former girlfriend, Chelsy Davy reportedly feeling very disappointed for the younger brother Prince William. Because, after the split up some time, now the prince reportedly close to a lingerie model named Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

One source was quoted as saying by The Mirror, said that this time Davy feel really let down by Prince Harry. After more than 4 years of related, Davy feels that all is not insignificant.

"Harry was a great man, unfortunately he's not a good lover figure. He did not undergo this relationship seriously, so that makes me have no chance anymore," Davy said in a statement, as told by the source.

We've been off and on so many times. But the fact is, he just said we want to commit when the relationship was over. But I'm also not sure he's ready, "continued the source mimicking the words of Davy.

Furthermore, other sources, who are also friends Davy Prince Harry added that the treatment is really making Davy felt insulted. The reason, the Prince also had to do the same, close to the TV presenter Caroline Flack, who lived when the Prince and Davy relationship was less good.

"Over the past with Davy, Prince Harry did not act like nice guys. If so, what can be done by a Davy?" said the source.