I Love David 14 Years Ago and Now

Wedding lived for 14 years did not seem to fade on her husband's love Victoria Beckham, David Beckham. In fact, before the birth of their fourth child, Victoria was praised all-out man who called soul mates.

Couples who already have 3 sons, Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo, is currently awaiting the birth of their baby-expected fourth female. While waiting for happy moments come in the weeks of this, Victoria was talking about her husband in Heat magazine.

"He was a wonderful father but I guess, as I've told you before, people always thought David's handsome, which is certainly yes, but he is a handsome outside and inside," said a woman who now works as a designer is . "He's really nice to everyone, not just me and the kids," he continued.

Victoria also stated that his love for the footballer has never faded, although past all happy and sad together for 14 years. "I love David because of David. He is my soulmate, who is number one. He is a husband and father of the most impressive. He gifted, good-hearted, he meets all the criteria. He's got a great heart and soul. This is why I fell in love with her 14 years ago and still love today, "added Victoria.