5 Makeup Should be Avoided in the Summer

Entering the summer, or when you will be traveling to places with high temperatures, there are several styles of makeup that you should avoid, especially if your skin is oily. One-one, your face will look like a clown instead. What type of makeup is?

Eyebrows fade. Eyebrow style was a trend for this summer is thick and full. You can work around this by making it bold using eyebrow pencil. But if your skin is oily, heat and sweat can make the colored eyebrows so it looks too thick, messy, or even wear off easily when touched. To be more durable, use an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow powder with a brow color.

Light in the eyes and lips. No harm in trying the bright colors typical of summer like yellow, green, or blue. But be sure the colors are just focused on the eye region alone, or in the lip area only. Do both.

Thick foundation. Reduce the use of foundation when the weather is hot. Addition will make the face of difficult breathing, a foundation is too thick will look when your face starts to clot oily and sweaty. It is better you switch to tinted moisturizer moisturizer alias color is already functioning well as a foundation.

Lipliner. No need to use a lip liner if you want to look fun and natural in the summer. But if you are already accustomed to wear, make sure the lip liner color selected is not older than the color of her lipstick.

Blush excessively. Using a blush on too thick or with a striking color will make your makeup look menor, especially in summer when your face is easy oily and sweaty. For the impression of sexier, just use blush that contains a thin layer of bronzer on your cheeks.