Constructive Behavior Define the Future of Children

Psychologist Lampung, Khairul Huda, said parents need to apply constructive role in fostering a positive mental mindset and his son early on so useful for their future.

"What is often heard children, over time will be trusted as a suggestion. Therefore, parents need to apply and be wise and do not hesitate to appreciate the existence of her baby," said Huda, on Monday (18 / 7).

According to Huda, every child can grow up smart and have confidence if a parent can do so. And every parent should scold her if wrong, but try the sentence given is constructive. Not a negative or abusive relation can interfere with the mentality of children.

"Such parents want her son to firm, then, the sentence should be addressed is that boys should be firm. No boy do not be sluggish. Or another example, a smart boy like you should be creative, not a bright boy like you do not be naughty, "explains psychologist Life Identity Institute.

In essence, continued Huda, positive words to build mental and mindset of children in the future. Kids can be bad because there is no distribution for creativity. Therefore, give them space or time of expression according to the development of our soul that must be monitored.

"Not exactly, if we see a naughty boy he is naughty, the other side of why children can be naughty to watch," said alumnus of the University of Gajah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta.