Three Things - Not Allowed - Do In Relationships

Do not want to love relationship foundered in the middle of the road? Notice the things that you should not do.

Here are three actions that would disrupt the relationship, as quoted from Sheknows.

  1. Concerned about the small things
    Do not ruin your happiness and your partner with you sulking hobby. Do not because he's five minutes late for dinner, a date you get messy. Better save your energy to discuss, laugh and share the happiness with him. Sulking and angry is okay, but the reason to be strong.
  2. Punish
    A good relationship does not contain a revenge or punishment. It is precisely the relationship will be stronger if you and your partner can understand each other, and forgive each other. punish the couple will only give the distance to the both of you. Without you knowing it, a relationship lived increasingly tenuous.
  3. Discussing past mistakes
    When you decide to forgive, then it should really be done. Do not let your spouse discuss the mistakes of the past to attack him if it was an argument. That will only make your partner feel uncomfortable and cornered. Though sincere apology has slid from his lips. Your relationship could get messy.