Kiwi Fruit, Helping Women to Get Pregnant Quickly

The results of an in-depth research in the field of the new health show, pregnancy in a woman can also be triggered by eating fruits, especially fruits contain high vitamin C levels.

Thus, the fertility of a mother or a wife who supported the husband of healthy eating habits coupled with fruits containing high vitamin C which will further open the possibility of pregnancy is certainly desirable, or coveted a husband and wife.

Clinical nutrition specialist, University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine, doctors Fiastuti Witjaksono MS, Sp. GK in Jakarta recently gave an example that consume Zespri kiwi fruit should be taken into consideration for a woman who wants to get pregnant.

Zespri Kiwi Fruit

Fiastuti Witjaksono give the reason vitamin C in the kiwi is twice that of oranges and five times more than apples.

Elements of fruits that contain vitamin C rich in folic acid is beneficial for mothers who want to get pregnant easily.

Folic acid is beneficial for mothers who want to get pregnant and have a "glycemic index" which is low making it safe for diabetics.

Vitamin C is needed in women aged 19-30 years for normal limits 45 mg per day, pregnancy requires 60 mg per day and breastfeed as much as 85 milligrams per day.

Vitamin is a molecule that our bodies need for metabolism and normal growth.
Therefore, the role of vitamin C is very large in the body as an antioxidant and cofactor in the formation of collagen and hormones.

It also can increase the body's immune system to prevent various diseases.
Man must accept the intake of nutritious foods such as meat, chicken, eggs and vegetables as well as supported by the fruits of kiwi fruit, oranges, and apples, then called four of five perfectly healthy fulfilled.

Fruits for humans is a primary need because without the intake of fruit bodies received less support its growth.